Forge ahead hand in hand

Posted time:2021-05-31 Page View:1795

After the epidemic in March 2021, Liaoning petroleum machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Liaoyou company) insisted on the idea of "please come in and go out" in order to strengthen the business expansion and accelerate the development of the company. General manager Gai Shiju and deputy general manager Liu Lei of the company went to Changchun power generation equipment Co., Ltd. of China Power Construction Group, together with deputy general manager Chi Zhengang and deputy general manager Liu Lei Cao Ge, vice president of operation, and Jiang Fan, vice president of technology, discussed the cooperation business between the two sides.

After three negotiations, the two sides reached an initial cooperation intention for the project cooperation of "complete power generation equipment and some supporting parts". At the same time, in order to further deepen the cooperation, they handled the network access work of qualified service providers of China power construction. The target of the project is an annual output value of 200 million. Combined with the production capacity of Liaoyou company, the order volume will be increased in the later stage. In mid May, deputy general manager Liu Lei signed an order with director Sun of the other party's purchasing department, with the contract amount of more than 2.35 million yuan. It is also agreed that the next batch of contract orders will be signed when the order is half finished, so as to make full use of Liaoyou's production capacity and make the cooperation between the two sides long-term and lasting.

During this period, Jiang Fan, deputy technical general manager of Changchun power generation equipment Co., Ltd., led a team to visit Liaoyou company, which was warmly received by gaishiju, general manager of the company. The delegation of Changchun power generation equipment Co., Ltd. listened to the production situation of Liaoyou company, visited and inspected the machining workshop, riveting and welding workshop, equipment and product exhibition area, learned about the company's honor, enterprise development history, enterprise advantages, industrial advantages, technical advantages, etc., and fully affirmed and recognized the cooperation prospects of both sides.

Liaoyou company, combined with its own advantages, strengthens the business model of foreign cooperation, gets rid of the long-term production and operation difficulties, makes the enterprise full of vitality, and makes a solid step forward for the goal of building Liaoyou company into a larger mechanical processing factory in Northeast China.